Mike Rowe’s show “Dirty Jobs” had been around for 10 years now… 10 years of exploring and exposing to the rest of us the kinds of jobs not many people could or would want to do…..

What started as a way of sharing these “Dirty Jobs” with mainstream viewers via the Discovery Channel started Rowe thinking, and ultimately examining the idea of what a “Good Job” really is. Although the people who work in the jobs that Mike Rowe wouldn’t necessarily say they are following their passion, most of them are enthusiastic about their jobs, and Rose found time and time again that instead of the idea of “Following their passion” they “took their passion with them”.

So… now he’s written a book, exploring the idea of what a good job in America looks like, the value of higher education, re-engaging America with the Trade Work Force and “taking your passion with you”.

I’m curious to read this book he wrote ” Profoundly Disconnected”….  here’s a quote from Rowe about the value of work…

We featured regular, hardworking people, covered with crap, but happy in their work. There was no talk about jobs being “good or bad.” The people on Dirty Jobs saw work as an opportunity, and they took pride in what they did. I loved that.