I’ve been thinking a good deal about Social Media and Education again lately…  Here’s what has me thinking….I saw this on facebook again today:


I just saw the facebook post referenced in the blog post below… again…. not the first time that I have seen this photo documenting a “frustrated parent” responding to a misunderstood homework question…  the photo gets shared on facebook with a note about common core, math these days, deprecating modern teaching styles, math was better when were kids, the value of simplicity etc…

As a person working to better understand and develop relationship between teachers and parents (both professionally and as a parent of school -aged children!) I feel like exploring issues like this are deeply important… how much is social media sharing like this an expression of frustration?! What response is evoked when reading something like this? How easy is it for a parent to feel sympathy for the “frustrated parent”? (hint: Very Easy. If you have ever, ever helped a child with math homework, there’s an instant sympathetic lean here ; ) )

But what to do? Here’s a thoughtful response to the over-shared image above…  5 reasons NOT to share that common core worksheet on facebook….  something to think about today.