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I have a crush on the Olympics and I have ever since I can remember.

It’s not that I love sports so much. I just love life, passionately lived. I love a grand gesture, a good -hearted celebration.

I have a deeply rooted old fashioned love of anyone willing to give it all for their personal best. I love this about olympic athletes who devote their lives to the practice of whatever they love. They give it all to what they love!

And…. I also feel the same way about the handicraft area at the State Fair – all those blue ribbons for quilting, for knitting, for best fruit pie…..  and more…. I feel it for the beautiful ancient art at the Louvre, for the care that our school janitor gives to getting the snow off the sidewalks, for the music that my love plays me on his guitar, for my son’s flag football team at the end of their championship game, for the way that the children in our church so earnestly deliver their lines in the Nativity play, for the art at on the walls at our school… Best effort for the highest good of humanity’s love for their art, their craft, their sport, their passion…. I love it, I celebrate it!

So for the next few weeks I have borrowed a TV, and I will let the kiddos have screen time, and we will celebrate the best efforts from countries around the globe.  Happy Olympics!!