Things that have me wondering lately… how does community offer opportunity to help shape young identity, especially at times of deep self-reflection and growing self-awareness?

This year students at our school had an opportunity to paint on a mural, and this spring their names were added to the mural – the children can walk or drive past the mural they made and see their names, and identify themselves as community members and artists.

This week I’ve been working with out student bee-keepers, and once again find myself in awe of the natural leadership and mentorship arising out of the students who’ve worked in the bees previously, and are now inviting new students into the funds of knowledge they hold about beekeeping. These students are fearless and careful and kind. They identify as beekeepers – they wear the bee suits, they handle frames of bees, they know what to look for. Others look to them with questions and respect.

More food for thought…