Anna Maren Noack

Courage, Communication, Connection

Hello, and Welcome

I’m Anna.
Lifelong learner, and heart-centered journeyer.

In practice of communication, connection and adventure, both professionally and personally.

Working toward community, inquiry, engagement, and growth.
I hang out at the intersection of the Sacred and the Everyday.

I’ll meet you there.


Recent Writing…


Emergence Magazine/Podcast presents a practice on "Navigation" this month as a part of their digital magazine.... "Ask yourself where you are, what’s around you, and what the history is beneath your feet"...

Peters Projection

Giving a new perspective on things... I thought this was interesting !

Be A Presence

Support and coaching for finding your online presence. Small businesses, solo practitioners, yoga teachers, musicians, artists, therapists, non-profits. Find your home online, become a presence to share and grow your work in the world.